Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting Businesses off the Ground

I can't believe it's been a month since I posted anything!  I've been busy with several business ideas, as well as my jewelry business.  I've got a few news items:

  • Changed my business name
  • Have been throwing around several business ideas
  • Trying to keep calm with the state of the world
So I changed my business name to Kirsten Lew Jewelry last week.  I had taken a workshop about marketing a few weeks ago, and the one thing I really took away from the workshop was that my previous business name didn't tell my "story," so I was always having to explain it.  For those that don't know, my business name was Sunflower Designz, which meant something to me, but not a whole lot to anyone else.  During the workshop I was asked, why don't I just use my name?  The more I thought about  it the more I liked it because, it would tell my story without me having to be there.  Basically, my new business name answers two very key questions.
  1. Who is this business?
  2. What does this business do?
The other thing I was grappling with, was the fact that I didn't really have a brand identity.  When I brought up this question in the workshop (which was geared towards artists) she asked, why not use my jewelry as my "brand."  She said, in some respects, when it comes to brand identity, artists have it easier as they have a ready visual they want to put out into the world.  Whereas, someone like her, for example, who does marketing has to be clever, and memorable.

I have also been throwing around some business ideas in order to be self-employed rather than employed at a "regular" job.  My two main ideas, other than my jewelry, are, using my administrative experience and contracting out my time; and, starting a pet taxi.  I will go into more details at a later time as the ideas become more developed.  I'll discuss the processes I've been going through with this.

I'm also writing articles for various publications, which I have found I quite enjoy, and have decided that my blog will not only be about jewelry and the art world, but also other subjects of relevance to my readers.

So stay tuned....more to come!


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