Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Latest Piece

I've been working on the bracelet that I started before I started working again back in April - and it's almost completed!  Just have to finish the surfaces and fabricate a clasp.

It's made using both copper and sterling silver - every piece hand fabricated, including the jump rings.  I'm thinking it looks kind of rocker-chic and am really liking how it's turning out!

I was going to use a pre-fabricated clasp, but it just doesn't go with my design.  I have an idea for the clasp, but  executing will be a bit of a challenge as I've never fabricated anything like it before.  I'll so some sketches and post them.

I'm also working on a ring and a pair of earrings - I always have several projects going at one time because sometimes I hit a snag with one piece, or just need a break from it, so need to step away from it, and work on something else.  More often than not, my subconscious is still working in background, and when it comes up with an idea for one of the other pieces, it pushes it to the conscious/aware part of my brain.

For example, originally this bracelet was going to have three stones, evenly spaced along the bracelet, but all of a sudden I realized that it would make the bracelet too bulky, and would prevent it from wearing comfortably.  So I removed the pieces with the stones and let it sit some more, because I still wasn't sure how I was going to "string" them together.  The idea with the jump  rings came to me while working on the ring.

It's very cool this process that I have no actual control over.  It's like relinquishing control from my conscious, logical side of the brain, and letting thoughts just float around, ebbing and flowing until one "catches."

I'll be back in the studio tomorrow, a friend, who is a professional photographer, will be helping me set up my camera and shooting space and teach me how to take better photographs that really make my pieces pop.  I'm eternally grateful to him as he is giving me his time and expertise in exchange for nothing.

Will post more anon....(currently listening to Henry IV, Part 1 by Shakespeare, in the courtyard)


  1. Kirsten I love the bracelet! Gorgeous can just imagine how pretty it must look up close too. Would love to see pictures of earrings when you have them done. I would love some silver earrings so maybe I can splurge and buy a pair from you :) Hope all is well!

    1. Thanks Michelle!!! I'll post pictures of the earrings when their finished :)

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