Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Return of the Prodigal Jeweler

After a prolonged absence from my studio, I am making a slow return.  I've really missed my jewelry making and spending time in my studio.  On April 18th I was offered and accepted a full-time job, both a blessing and hinderance to the direction I thought my life was going.  In the end though, I realized that a steady paycheck and benefits are not to be sneezed at.  Of course, after almost a year of being unemployed, it's been a bit of an adjustment working 8 hours a day, and because I sold my car, a nearly two hour round-trip commute by bus.  Needless to say by the time I get home at night, the last thing on my mind is heading down to my studio.

I've been working for 3 months now, and am ready to make my art part of my daily life again - even if I just do sketches of ideas for future pieces.  I spend all day in front of/at my computer at work - I don't need to spend all my free time at my computer at home.  

The artist community where I live now has a new, excellent, results driven Creative Director who has been working hard to bring people to our First Friday openings, so my goal is to be ready to have a table at the September First  Friday, in addition, Post5 Theatre will be staging a production of the first act of Shakespeare's Henry IV in mid-August, and will have a table during those performances as well.

If you you're in the Portland area during the month of August, check us out.  You can also check out the Milepost 5 website.

A Feast For the Senses: August @ Milepost 5


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