Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Shakespeare in the Courtyard

Forget about "Must See TV!" This is Must See Theatre!

In Portland, right here at Milepost 5.

Post5 Theatre presents, Henry IV Part 1!

"In the wake of a quashed rebellion, it seems as though King Henry IV's (Jeff Gorham) country is final
ly at peace, especially with the valiant Harry "Hotspur" Percy (Orion Bradshaw) leading his army.

If only King Henry's home life was so simple. While Hotspur is fighting with rebels and magicians (yeah, MAGICIANS), Henry's own son and heir to the throne, Hal (Ty Boice), is out galavanting with thieves, knaves, and general na'er-do-wells, lead by the boisterous Falstaff (Rusty Tennant) much to his father's chagrin.

And with the hot-headed Hotspur becoming restless, King Henry has few friends to turn to. Can his son prove himself in time to stop this new uprising? Will Hal's friends prove knights or cowards? Will Henry ever trust his reckless son again?

Post5 Theatre is proud to present their first ever Shakespearean History, directed by Don Alder and also featuring the talents of Michael Godsey, Daniel R. Somerfield, Brian Allard, and Tai Simmons (among many others) this is sure to prove a history that you never saw coming.

Fast-paced and exciting, Post5's Henry IV p.1, tells Shakespeare's tale of redemption and honor in a new and fresh way.

OPENS Friday, August 17th
CLOSES Saturday, September 8th

(although donations are always appreciated)

In the courtyard the Milepost5 Community for Creatives
850 NE 81st Ave
4.5 blocks from the Red, Blue, and Green MAX lines
Just off of the 72 Bus line

WHEN THE PARTY ENDS, THE WAR BEGINS." (used with permission by Post5 Theatre)

Trust me, you do not want to miss this!  Grab a picnic, and blanket or chairs, grab some friends, and share in an evening of Shakespearean delight!

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