Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Hallow's Eve Everyone!

I can't believe it's November tomorrow - where did this year go??  I think it partly has do with the fact that we had a very tiny summer.  But, the summer we did get was beautiful!!  I wonder what kind of winter we will get?

So, come tomorrow, I will have a set schedule for working in my studio.  I think that will help me get some kind of regularity and structure to my day.  I'm looking forward to adding some new lines for christmas that I should be ready by mid-November - more to be revealed soon!

I would like to announce a new way to shop and a way to support a small business that is run by a friend of mine who is hoping to make this a full-time venture which would enable her to continue staying home with her daughter.  If you shop at Amazon.com or Amazon.ca, go there via this link:  www.theonlinestoreforyou.com
Buying through her website, rather than Amazon directly, pays her a small percentage for very sale.  She also features blogs and websites of other small business owners, moi is one of them :-)  If you have a blog or a website and would like to be included on the Community page, you can contact her through her contact form on her website.  There is strength in numbers and the more we cross-advertise for each other on our respective blogs and websites, the more exposure we all get.  A win-win all around!
(originally posted 10/31/11)

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